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The story of SMOKO is steeped with history and dates back over a century. it's an Aussie term meaning “to take a fast break or to require a cigarette break”. The SMOKO became synonymous with taking a chance from work, enjoying the corporate of friends, or simply having fun and reflecting on life. Taking a SMOKO was at one stage in our history a cherished moment - business deals were done, relationships started, friendships formed, connections made, jokes passed on - everywhere a cigarette break. Times have changed because the truth about the health hazards to smoking cigarettes became clearer. Smoking came to symbolize something bad and with it came the negative social prejudices. Now smoking is banned almost everywhere. now not can we smoke in offices, pubs, restaurants or maybe watch our favourite team play. With the invention of the electronic cigarette, everything changed. We believe that if you smoke, you are doing it by choice. We wanted to produce another that continues to allow you the items that you simply love about smoking – the feeling , the taste, the nicotine kick and therefore the social experience - but remove all of the items you don’t need that are in tobacco cigarettes - the 4,000+ added chemicals and 50 known carcinogens, the tar, the carbon monoxide gas, the arsenic, etc.

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