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I was introduced to silk a few years ago when after a conversation with a girlfriend about my hot flushes dilemma, she said she’d used a silk pillowcase and it had really helped. My go after the simplest silk was launched! For 12 months I hung out researching what silk was all about, where its source, how its made, its benefits and who were the simplest people to place this vision together. 100% A Grade, Long Strand 22 momme Mulberry Silk is that the absolute best silk you'll get. Momme is that the gauge by which silk is measured. Silk can't be measured an equivalent as cotton, by thread count because the thread is so fine it's to be woven very finely then the load per metre determines the momme. the simplest weight for silk pillowcases is 22, 19 would be too fine and would wear through quite quickly, anything above 22 is more like curtain material, so you don’t get the fine look. Don’t be fooled into thinking because its so luxuriously gorgeous that's not durable. I even have two young children that use my silk pillows as items to play rather rough pillow fights with on a really regular basis and that they get up to the work perfectly. For laundering, I just throw them in with my other bedding on 30-degree wash, dry them then put them straight back onto the pillows, totally no fuss required. As for those pesky hot flushes…silk, unlike the other fabric, has the unique properties that allow it to soak up moisture without getting damp (the most uncomfortable side effect of getting hot flushes is wet bedding!). Silk can absorb the warmth from your head and still remain dry, providing you with the sensation of coolness. However, its so fabulously clever because during weather silk demonstrates its capacity to stay warm air on the brink of the skin as a results of its low conductivity. It's WIN-WIN all round! Please be confident within the knowledge that our silk pillowcases are a mixture of the absolute best silk matched with the very finest craftsmanship to bring you the foremost luxuriously, durable, brilliant looking product EVER, I guarantee it! Remember you've got a 30-day money-back guarantee so if you don’t love your silk pillowcase simply return it and that we will offer you an entire refund. With best wishes Michelle

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